How To Avoid The Kids’ Party ‘Arms Race’ & Mums & Gums Episode 8 of The Sue Atkins Parenting Show

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Episode 8

Topic 1 ‘Call the Midwife’ – Mums & Gums

Tips for brushing teeth with children go to -> BrushBaby

‘Caring For Kids’ have a lovely little book for kids about the importance of early dental care.

Click -> ‘To be a Star’ is an enchanting story for young children introducing the importance of early dental care.

The Tooth Fairy’s mission is to make new stars in the sky using shiny milk teeth and a little fairy magic. However, when Anil loses his first tooth the Tooth Fairy doesn’t want it because it’s not clean enough.

This story follows Anil’s quest to ensure that when he loses his next tooth it can become a new star in the sky. It covers everything from cleaning teeth to choosing tooth-friendly snacks, and is essential reading to encourage good dental care.


Sing along to Action Amanda’s Tooth Brushing Song & check out her website




Question:My son Stuart hates brushing his teeth – what can I do ? Chris Grayling from Edinburgh in Scotland

Article: -> My son hates brushing his teeth – what can I do?

Extra Article -> The Dummy Tree, The Tooth Fairy & other quirky family traditions around the world !

My book Raising Happy Children For Dummies ->


Topic 2  – Children’s Parties

Question: My son has been asked to a ‘Gaming Mobile Party’ but I don’t like the sound of it – What should I do? Eileen Stebbing from the Doctor’s Surgery in Warlingham J

Article ->  Is this really a good idea for your child’s party?

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