Is 14 too young to have a tattoo? My comments on ‘The Daily Mail’

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Is 14 too young for a tattoo?

I was asked for my comments for The Daily Mail today as a shocking new show set in a tattoo parlour in the Greek party hotspot of Kavos, reveals how a mother and father took their 14-year-old son to get his first tattoo, so he could be like the rest of his inked family.

Get Your Tatts Out: Kavos Ink showed Norwegian teenager Tiger having a cycle chain inked on his wrist with the full support of his ‘excited’ parents Paul and Rebecca.

His father Paul was filmed getting his own body art updated alongside his son, but viewers were shocked branding the decision ‘wrong’ and bad parenting’

Parenting expert Sue Atkins told FEMAIL she believes 14 is too young to ‘know your own mind’ when it comes to deciding on a tattoo.

She said: ‘You don’t know then if you will be happy to live with the tattoo you chose. You have to think “how will it look when I am 50?”.

‘I know people that had tattoos when they were younger who now regret having a teddy bear on their shoulder for instance. If a parent is discussing their child getting a tattoo, they have to talk and teach them about it first.

‘They have to consider how it will affect the rest of their lives, such as in job interviews if it is on show, and when they are out and about with their own children.

‘Usually I advise parents dealing with wilful children on how to dissuade them from getting a tattoo but in this instance, the boy is from a family who are tattoo fans. This shows how much parents are a child’s role model.

‘He looks up to his father so of course he thinks he tattoos are lovely. He thinks getting a tattoo is the thing to do as having a tattoo is natural in his family but at 14, he may not know his own mind yet.’

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