As the world points fingers – Gove Alone – the real debate.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


I’ve been asked to appear on GMB, LBC, BBC Surrey, Sussex, Suffolk to join in the discussions about Michael Gove and his wife Sarah Vine leaving their 11 year old son alone on a small hotel from 7.30pm until 1.30am.

Here’s a fab blog from John Adams who appeared with me on LBC which just sums up the dilemma parents face.

Of course an 11 year old doesn’t want to hang out at an adult ‘do’ but I just wondered couldn’t he have had a sleep over at a friend’s house, or with his grandparents with a little forward planning?

I wonder how he felt being left for such a long time when his parents said they’d be back in a couple of hours?

We don’t know how mature he is, what he was told and how he’d cope in a emergency.

Have a read of John’s blog and let me know your thoughts.

Gove Alone: Not Lost In Cheltenham

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