The Agony of Being 50-50 Mum

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I was speaking today on BBC Radio West Midlands about an article in The Daily Mail about how co-parenting can make a Mum feel a bit lost on the days and nights that she doesn’t have the children.

Here’s the article – Agony of a 50-50 Mum

I believe it’s really important for children to spend time with both of their parents and I know it’s extremely challenging to find that elusive perfect balance but it can be reached if couples put aside their differences and work together on a ‘best fit’ scenario for their children .

I help families by working through a Parenting Plan with me that puts the children at the heart of the process.

It’s not always easy or quick but I help parents feel that they have done their best and have a good, fair co-parenting plan going forward that is flexible as the children grow and become more independent.

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