Watch me on ITV ‘This Morning’ discussing ‘Are parents too soft on their children?’

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

On the ITV 'This Morning' sofa with Rylan & Ruthie

On the ITV ‘This Morning’ sofa with Rylan & Ruthie

I was on the ITV ‘This Morning’ sofa this morning discussing the shocking statistic of young children as young as one being expelled from Nursery.

In one year alone, 100 toddlers, some as young as just one, were expelled from nursery for being violent. Today we can reveal the results of our own This Morning survey which show almost two thirds of people know a child who’s been violent towards a teacher or pupil – with 10% admitting it was their own child who’d lashed out. A fifth said their child had been violent towards them or another family member.

So are we failing to discipline to our kids? And are you worried about the safety and development of your children if they’re in a classroom with violent children? Sue Atkins offers her advice.

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