My thoughts on the new iPram !

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My thoughts on this new iPram are in The Sun today.

‘PARENTING experts have condemned a device that attaches tablets to prams saying it could harm the development of babies.

The £6.55 gadget holders clip on to buggy handles.

It lets kids watch films or play apps and games while on the move. But child development experts have called them “horrific” and “electric babysitters”.

They are advertised as the “ideal accessory to keep both baby and child occupied on trips to the shops”.

Famous fans include Kourtney Kardashian, stylist Rachel Zoe and actress Tori Spelling. One company, Orbit Baby, offers a £249.95 upgrade kit for its strollers that features a “ShadePad tablet pocket”.

Another of its buggies has the holder already built in.

Cosatto make pushchairs that even have built-in speakers as well as a tablet holder.

But BabyCalm author Sarah Ockwell-Smith said: “These devices are horrific and undermine parents. Babies don’t need gadgets and gizmos.

“I can’t see any benefit. Research shows making under twos watch screens can damage their development.”

TV parenting coach Sue Atkins called them “frightening” and “electric babysitters”.

She said: “Babies need to see your face and the real world around them, not a screen.”

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