Do you tell your kids that you love them every day?

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I was interviewed on BBC Radio Kent today about Elton John speaking to students at The Oxford Union.

Like many doting fathers, Sir Elton John tells his sons he loves them every day. But the gesture is more important for him than for most.

The singer says he has been spurred on to shower them with affection because he received none from his own father.

Sir Elton took a swipe at his late father Stanley Dwight while giving a speech in which he said a lack of love had led him to drink and drugs.

Speaking of his father, who died in 1991, said: ‘He never told me he loved me, he didn’t hold me, and he didn’t come to see me perform.

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Do you hug and tell your kids that you love them every day or do you presume that of course they know?


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