Pacca Alpaca – a fun way to learn a new language !

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I love learning new things and I know that apps are a fun way to explore for children too.

So I had fun exploring ‘Pacca Alpaca – Basic Language Learning ‘ with a 4 year old and it is an easy and engaging app that can be used to introduce young children to different languages.

Children can choose from English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese, German or Welsh and join the delightful Pacca Alpaca as he encourages them to learn new vocabulary while they are having fun exploring the very colourful and attractive settings.

To start with children have to get Pacca Alpaca ready for his adventures (which we found a little confusing to start with ) but then we all travelled happily to Australia. The app gently builds upon a child’s natural sense of adventure and curiosity, as Pacca Alpaca and his animal friends, teach shapes, colours and numbers. Over time, young children will discover different cultures & have fun discovering new indigenous animals, music and art. We loved the fish & turtles !

There is plenty to discover as the app contains 9 levels and lots of replay-able educational activities with delightful graphics.

There are plenty of languages to choose from and the voices are clear which makes learning simple and easy.

We got a bit stuck on a couple of the games where the aim of the game wasn’t made very clear at the start, for example on The Turtle Counting Game , and The Bridge Car Game , but overall this is a fun way to introduce children aged 3-5 to different languages that will build their confidence

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