Children at £11,000-a-year private school are banned from using TVs, smartphones and iPads even when they’re at HOME in strict ‘no-tech’ clampdown

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I’m talking on BBC Radio WM today about the children  at £11,000-a-year private school being banned from using TVs, smartphones and iPads even when they’re at HOME in strict ‘no-tech’ clampdown.

London Acorn School prohibits all smartphones, computers and iPads
Staff hope that by doing so children will learn from the natural world instead

The school, for pupils aged 3 to 18, has also banned television for under-12s

Teachers say rules are in response to parents tired of their children being immersed in technology

Parents who enrol their children have to commit to the same strict regime at home, with no television, computers or films, either during term-time or holiday.

Teachers say the £11,000-a-year school is meeting a growing demand among parents who are tired of their children being immersed in technology at a young age.

In contrast to other schools, there are no ICT suites, interactive whiteboards or television screens in any classrooms.
Parents’ groups have voiced concern that children

I have taught for over 25 years and have been a Deputy Head in a private school as well as teaching in the State Sector and BALANCE is always the best way forward in most things, including the use of technology!

I call this generation ‘Screenagers’  and of course too much technology and screen time isn’t right either but neither is banning it completely.

If you ban something you make it more desireable.

I remember a Mum who came to see me as her 15 year old constantly ate sweets as she had been banned from any sweets growing up !

My dear old Dad taught me to ‘get the balance ‘ right in most things in life so I think this out and out ban will not teach children how to MANAGE their screen time themselves. It won’t teach self regulation.

However I also work with lots of parents who don’t put in any boundaries around screen time and we’ve all seen toddlers in resturants blithely handed an iPhone or iPad to keep them quiet.

What limits do you out in around technology with your kids?

What do you make of this school’s new policy?

I’d love to hear your thoughts

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