A story of divided households – a book about separation & divorce for children.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins




I love the magic of Twitter and how it brings me such wonderful people, doing such wonderful things.

Today a beautiful book arrived from Joanna Rowland from the US called, ‘Always Mom, Forever Dad’

In today’s world, more and more children have parents who live separately. As these children move between homes, they can’t help but wonder: will mum still love me? Will Dad?

In this reassuring picture book, young readers see children who have two households whether because of divorce, separation, or other circumstances experiencing lifes ups and downs with both parents secure in the knowledge that Mum will always be Mum,  and Dad is forever Dad.

To order your copy of this delightfully illustrated book with lots of culturally different families included go to >>> http://www.writerrowland.com/books.html

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