Schools Out – Now What? Day 3

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When my kids were little they absolutely loved water.  Water offers lots of opportunities for playing and learning, from the simple sensory delight of splashing feet in a paddling pool to popping bubbles in the bath, to measuring, pouring and weighing.

Whether you’re outside in the garden or inside in the bath,  there are many ways to let your child enjoy the different elements of water play, which will stimulate their minds as well as their senses and give them confidence and fun in water.

Coloured water

One very simple, fun thing to do is to add colour to your kids water! Tinti, a German company specialising in creative bath products for children, makes gloriously fizzy bath powder that you drop into the water to tun it red, yellow or blue.

Children can have fun before they jump into the bath, too, mixing the different powders up to create other colours. It is completely safe and stain-free (it won’t stain your child or your bath !) and they’re suitable for children of three years upwards and they provide a wonderful springboard for imaginative bath play.

Your child can turn the bath into a deep, blue ocean, and sail their toy boats across it pretending to be pirates or make a green witches brew they can stir with wooden spoons.

The Tinti range includes some other great bath time accessories, such as bath confetti, coloured bath foam (great for making mad, punk-style hair-dos with!) and crackling bath crystals which pop and crackle as they dissolve in the bath.

So this Summer hols why not get the paddling pool out and have some simple fun in the sun?

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