School’s Out – Now What? Day 2

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


After chatting on BBC Radio Gloucester recently about ways to entertain the kids during the Summer Holidays I thought I ask you for your help and ideas to help each other.

Just add your simple idea for having fun with your children during the Summer Holidays.

It’s ALL about YOUR mindset and attitude and with a little careful planning you’ll all have a Summer to remember for all the RIGHT reasons.

Remember you are building memories that will last a lifetime – so what do you want your kids to say about their childhood Summers when they describe them to their own kids?

Day 2

Play Footsie

Grab a big plastic ball, and have everyone lie down on the floor with their feet up. Hold the ball with your feet, and try to work together to throw and catch it.

Guaranteed to get everyone giggling ! ?


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