I was very upset to discover.

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I was very upset to discover today that my advice about how to enjoy the Summer Holidays with your children has been misquoted by Tesco Magazine and appears to insult the wonderful work that childminders do with families.

I think childminders do a wonderful job providing high quality childcare.
They have to provide a high quality stimulating and learning environment for all the children in their care. They have to provide a play based curriculum ensuring that their children are making excellent progress towards the statutory Early Learning Goals and they must even show evidence of this for each child!
They have to show that their children are offered a good nutritional balance of food through the day and the children in their care must be kept safe. Childminders have to also attend regular safeguarding training to ensure they are up-to-date with local and national advice and information.

Childminders have to ensure their continued professional development and even have to attend regular training in the evenings or at weekends.

So I wasn’t happy to be appearing to insult the very great work childminders do.

I will be taking this up with Tesco Magazine and will be asking to see my quotes with more rigour before they get published in future.

Here is Tesco’s reply:

Hello Sue,
I hope you have had a lovely birthday lunch with your daughter.

I have looked into the issue around the Tesco magazine article to which you contributed. In the editing process we unintentionally misquoted you, for which we sincerely apologise. We will be using Facebook to make it clear you were misquoted and to apologise to any registered childminders who may have taken offence. We will also be publishing an apology to both you, and registered childminders who may have taken offence, on the letters page of the September issue of Tesco magazine. We have taken steps to make sure mistakes of this kind do not happen again and would like to reassure you once again that we have taken your concerns seriously.


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