Is Your Child Born Naughty or Sleep Deprived?

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I’ve been avidly following the very wonderful ‘Born Naughty’ series on Channel 4 with enormous interest. The reason why I like this documentary so much is that it is not all about sensationalising bringing up children. So many programmes on TV like to go to the extremes as it makes ‘great telly’ but it doesn’t help the ordinary family like the ones I work with.

I remember being filmed for 6 hours with Channel 4 when they were looking for the next ‘Super Nanny’ but the idea changed  and they went with another format instead of working with me. My work is not about extremes – usually my work with parents is about the bedtime routine, the undone homework or the stroppy toddler or teenager !

Real life, real problems but not sensationalised extremes.

So it was really pleasing to watch ‘Born Naughty ‘ with its wonderfully dedicated professionals coming together to work out and work through some families issues and problems with common sense and compassion.

Dr Dawn Harper, Dr Ravi Jayaram and Libby Hill and Helen Gill were excellent as they were compassionate, empathetic and practical.

I work with all sorts of parents of children who are angry, sleep deprived, going through a divorce, have friendship issues at school, or who are  just plain naughty,  as parents are often at a loss about what to do if they lose their confidence. I offer families clarity, direction and often re build back their confidence by offering some new practical solutions to their styles or strategies that aren’t working.

I think it was really enlightening to see a Mum, who thought her child had autism because of his bad behaviour, discover the real reason was that he was sleep deprived … caused by the family DOG stealing his pillow !

So many parents struggle with bedtime routines and I think it’s important to realise the importance of sleep.

I wrote and recorded by 3 set MP3 exactly for this reason so download it here if you are struggling.


Read more about the Mum who thought her child had autism instead of exhaustion

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