Toddler Bundle Discount

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

toddler bundle

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway on Monday! I wanted to give my readers a special treat as well so if you were interested in any of the items that were part of the toddler bundle but weren’t able to win, this is a good chance to get one or all the items.

If you use the discount code toddlerbundle (all one word) you’ll receive 10% off any of the items below!

Positive Toddler Taming MP3 & PDF

Parenting Expert Blog Series: Toddlers

Are We There Yet? A book about the magic of looking under stones an finding fairies

The Positive Parent Daily MP3

Banish the Bickering MP3

Be quick though the discount is only valid until 2nd June!

All these items and others can be bought from Sue’s Shop.

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