I’ve been brainstorming – but I need your help.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins



I’ve been brainstorming ways to let parents, employers, schools, counsellors & divorce lawyers know about my ‘Talking To Children About Divorce’ workshops, 1-2-1 sessions and conversational cards & resources, but I need your help.

Please tell everyone you know from family, friends to colleagues, teachers, employers, Health Visitors to Doctors about my simple but highly effective conversational cards that help everyone in the family begin to explore their feelings & practical ways forward during the highly stressful time of divorce.

They begin the healing process and give clarity, direction and confidence to the whole family at a time of great change, instability and transition.

Order your packs here:

TALKING TO CHILDREN About Divorce: Conversation Cards



I run 2 hour family workshops on Saturday mornings so give me a call to arrange your informal and  transformational time with me as I support you all through the challenges, changes, stress & overwhelm.

Call me on 01883 818329

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