Swapping briefcases for changing bags – shared parenting leave.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins








I’ve been interviewed on various radio stations around the UK about the new parental leave  arrangements because from April the first British working dads could be heading home from work to look after their new babies full-time for as long as 50 weeks. Their jobs will be held open for them, and they will receive state -guaranteed pay for most of that time.

Under the new shared parental leave (SPL) arrangements, which apply to families expecting babies on or after 5 April, eligible mothers can transfer their maternity leave and pay to their partners – if they too are eligible – after just two weeks.

For babies born on time, 19 April is the first day on which pioneering dads could be swapping their briefcases for changing bags.

I personally think this is a great new innovative way of helping families. I have written many times about the important role that fathers play in the lives of their children and bonding with babies of course, starts immediately.

In his article in ‘Personnel’ Jeremy Davies considers how employers can create a culture where it is business as usual for fathers and normal and healthy for new Dads to take longer periods of leave or share childcare.


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