Violent children my advice and support – on ITV ‘This Morning’ phone in

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Is your child ever violent?

Are you worried they have anger issues they can’t contain?

Tonight on Channel 5 is  Part 3 in Series 1 – My Violent Child: Tearing Us Apart.


Across the UK thousands of families are suffering from a new form of domestic abuse so extraordinary that many refuse to even acknowledge its existence.

Helplines receive over 11,000 calls a year from adults being physically abused in their home. The victims cannot leave, however, as the abuse is coming from their own children.

This one-off documentary looks at the hidden world of child-on-parent violence. It follows three families’ poignant journeys as they struggle to cope with their children’s complex behavioural issues whilst also being forced to ask themselves what they could be doing differently.

Today I did a phone -in around this difficult and often hidden topic on ITV ‘This Morning’

If you want help with controlling your children’s behaviour then maybe I can help.

Parenting expert Sue Atkins takes your calls.

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