Talking About Down’s Syndrome

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I have a really inspiring friend called Hayley Goleniowska  who writes, campaigns and speaks about having a child with Down’s Syndrome. My cousin Milly was born exactly a month after I was born and has Down’s Syndrome. She has brought so much laughter, joy and fresh perspectives  to us as a family but coming to terms with a baby that has Down’s Syndrome is not always easy.

Today is World Down Syndrome Day and it’s a day of sharing information, of educating one another and offering support, as well as a day to share stories and celebrate together.

Hayley has also just published a truly wonderful pack of conversational cards with my friend Lisa Warner of Fink Cards – the same publisher of my Talking To Children About Divorce Cards. Talking about Down’s Syndrome – Conversations for New Parents.

Here’s what Lisa had to say about meeting Hayley:

“A couple of weeks ago I met a woman who was so passionate about changing the way the world views Down’s Syndrome I asked her if she would consider writing a pack of Fink cards to help new parents talk through their feelings and concerns after a new diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome.

I am absolutely ecstatic she said YES!!!”
Hayley is a Mum who is passionate about inclusion and changing the way the world views Down’s syndrome. Her youngest daughter Natty has the condition, but she doesn’t let that define her.
In addition to her hugely successful blog Downs Side Up and the beautiful book she co-authored with her daughter Mia, Hayley also works with medical professionals to improve the support that parents receive following a diagnosis, whether it be during pregnancy or after birth.


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