Next time you see your eldest child teasing your younger, consider taking a step back and let nature take its course.

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I work with many parents who are trying to combat sibling rivalry and I have a CD all around this subject called, ‘Banish The Bickering’ which you can buy here as it is a subject that has fascinated me for many years.

My children, who are 22 and 20 now, have always got on really well. I think it’s because we taught them right from the beginning to love and respect each other and to have fun together. So I read with interest an article in the Huffington Post around the importance of siblings throughout life.

For most people, their relationships with their brothers or sisters will be the longest, and arguably the most important ones in their life. We as parents inevitably play less central roles as we get older, and not many influences will have as lasting an impact on our identity or our life trajectory as a brother or sister’s.

According to research, children with siblings are better at conflict resolution than their classmates because siblings are stuck with each other for better or worse, the ability to settle disputes and arguments develops early. Of course you need to be mindful that the teasing doesn’t tip over into bullying but I always remember my own kids explaining to me that I needn’t be sooooo worried as they were just ‘joshing’ and joking around and I didn’t need to be so worried about it.

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