Here’s a little taster of my Positive Parenting Talk in India this week ……. what do you think ? Is that true about your family ?

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Here’s a little taster of my Positive Parenting Talk in India this week ……. what do you think ? Is that true about your family ?

“For me there’s more to life than money.

For me it’s all about people and relationships, and in particular, it’s about the relationships we have within our own families – with our kids, our partners and our own parents.
Raising a happy family is at the core of our wellbeing and as parents you are doing one of the most important jobs in the world – bringing up happy, confident, well-balanced adults – today’s children – but tomorrow’s future.

For all children and for most adults – family is the most important thing in our lives.

It gives meaning and structure to our busy lives – as it’s a place of safety, security, support, & laughter and gives us all a sense of belonging.

You only have to ask yourself – who was there to pick you up from a late night party, give you a bit of “extra” time when you felt sad, or sorted things out when you got into trouble or made mistakes.

Or who was there to get you over a broken -heart, a messy divorce or there encouraging you on the side lines when you were playing sport.

Who taught you to ride a bike, play cricket or drive a car?

And whose always there believing in you and encouraging you when life is overwhelming and challenging?

Your family.

Your family is your rock in a very fast -paced, hectic world of change – it’s your anchor in the stormy seas and choppy waters of growing up.

And that’s why for me it’s so important.

It’s from this centre that children thrive and go on to believe in their dreams and make a success of their lives – whatever that means for them.

I believe if we are happy, confident and positive we pass that confidence and resilience on to our children who then grow up to be happy children, happy teenagers, happy, adults who then go on to be happy, confident parents.

It’s like a ripple in a pond – each generation building on the other……..

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