UK’s leading parenting expert steps into everyone’s living room

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I’m delighted to be featured in Nursery Online this week.

In a collection of newly updated parenting guides, parents are being given a truly unique opportunity to access information from one of the UK’s leading parenting experts, in the comfort of their own home.

Sue Atkins is an internationally recognised parenting expert who has an unfaltering passion to help families. With 25 years experience it is no surprise she regularly appears on the much loved ITV show This Morning as well as BBC Breakfast and The Jeremy Vine Show, delivering parenting advice and support to the nation.

Having heard from parents that they often need a little encouragement and advice on key aspects of parenting Sue felt compelled to create a collection of guides, to provide the ultimate resource to parents. Her range of thoughtfully created parenting CDs offers a wealth of information to support parents across a wide range of issues, and guides them positively through the essentials of raising happy, confident kids.

There are more than 15 in the complete collection including “The Positive Parent Daily Workout” and “Positive Toddler Taming”, which is all about staying patient and encouraging parents to stay calm and positive to enjoy the years of growing independence with a young child. The essential guide is titled “The Parental Journey” – a toolkit that looks at how parents, with the right knowledge and skills, can raise happy, confident, well balanced adults.

Parenting success is down to many factors says Sue, but the key trait is confidence. Her specialised parenting guides talks the user through the importance of believing in yourself as a parent and being assured and confident in your approach. As the parent works through the collection of Toolkits, they are given clarity, direction and confidence in their own ability.

The Toolkits do not tell parents how to manage family life, quite the opposite in fact, as Sue recognises that parents are the expert on their family and she celebrates the individuality of each and every person. Sue’s Toolkits offer help to busy mums and dads by simply asking questions around their own needs and circumstances, and takes them from where they are now to where they would like to go in all aspects of their life quickly and easily.

Those embarking on the programme will find they develop self-confidence, a more balanced lifestyle and better ways to ease stress levels. They will feel more energised and back in control, which Sue believes is absolutely vital when nurturing children.

Speaking about the Toolkits Sue says: “Children don’t come with a handbook and advice is constantly changing, which makes bringing up kids a daily challenge. Parents must believe in themselves and if my guides can nurture and enhance everyone’s individual parenting style then I will be delighted. Thanks to the huge success of the original CD’s I returned to the collection to update them – I can’t wait to support families countrywide in 2015 with the latest version.”

As well as her inspiring and essential CD’s, and “The Secrets To Well Behaved Kids” App, Sue has authored the Amazon bestselling books “Parenting Made Easy – How To Raise Happy Children” and “Raising Happy Children for Dummies” and undoubtedly knows a thing or two about parenting!

For more information or to stock these essential CDs contact: Sue Atkins on 01883 818329 or go to


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