Join me live on BBC Radio discussing Primary School Supply Teacher resigns after ‘putting sticky tape over nine-year-old child’s mouth to keep her quiet’

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Join me live at 8am tomorrow morning on BBC Three Counties Radio discussing the incident of a supply teacher putting sticky tape over a 9 year old in her class.

As regular readers of my blog know I used to be a Deputy Head teacher and class teacher for 22 years. I have also been a supply teacher so I know first hand how challenging stepping into a different teacher’s shoes can be when the teacher is absent.

However – it’s never a good idea to think that putting sticky tape over a nine year olds mouth is a good idea!

A supply teacher has resigned from a primary school after she allegedly put sticky tape over the mouth of a nine year-old child to ‘keep her quiet’.

The teacher, who has not been named, taught at Fowlmere Primary in the pretty village of Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire.

The incident, which took place earlier this month, was apparently meant as a joke but concerned parents at the school have slammed it as ‘worrying’ and ‘completely unacceptable’.
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