Forget darning, changing a light bulb and cooking a meal – how Life Skills have changed.

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I’m appearing on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester today chatting about how life skills have changed over the years.

I taught my kids to cook, change their bed linen, empty the dishwasher and how to work the washing machine but some children are not being taught how to change a light bulb, put up a shelf or how to sew.

Connecting to WiFi, knowing how to use Google and tuning HD TVs were listed today as some of the most useful skills of modern life.

In a survey which polled 2,000 adults, using a self-service checkout,online banking and operating satnav replaced talents such as knitting and baking to be named the most ‘essential’ capabilities in British culture.

Only 10 of the 50 most important skills didn’t involve modern technology, with cooking and using a calculator among them, while participants counted sewing and letter writing as skills that are no longer needed.
Read more:–skills-REALLY-need-21st-century-setting-satnav-putting-rubbish-right-bin.html#ixzz3HzpDR41p


What skills have you taught your kids?

Which ones do you think are important and are getting lost?

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