Parents are resigned to teens having sex earlier.

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Join me on LBC Radio discussing the latest survey in The Sunday Times that “Parents are resigned to teens having sex earlier.

THREE-QUARTERS of British parents believe their children will lose their  virginity at the age of 16 or younger and most allow their teenage children  to have sex in their homes, according to an exclusive poll for The Sunday  Times.

While parents would overwhelmingly prefer it to be delayed until later, they  know their children will have sex earlier than in the past. Most are  comfortable talking to them about it, according to the poll by YouGov. The  majority of parents have spoken to their children about their sex lives by  their 15th birthday.

The findings follow controversy over advice handed out to schools that says  sex between consenting 13-year-olds is normal and should not raise alarm  bells among teachers.

So what are your thoughts?

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