The Importance Of A Good Bed For Children.

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Today I met an expert in mattresses and beds and it really got me thinking that deciding when to put your young child into a “Big Bed” is a BIG moment – a right of passage almost as your child moves from a cot into their first proper bed. But most of us ( myself included) bought our children’s beds on price not on considerations about their backs, muscles and quality and importance of a good night’s sleep. The bed we buy at 3 isn’t really suitable for the teenager our child becomes and we rarely think about the implications of that.

When buying a mattress for your child, what should you consider. Getting it right will help your child sleep properly, which will help with their learning and behaviour. Jerry Cheshire, The Beducator of Surrey Beds shares words of wisdom.

Is your child driving you crazy as they won’t stay in their bed all night?

Does your child ‘mess you about’ at bedtime?

Do you have trouble getting your child into a regular bedtime routine?

Is your teenager exhausted in the morning due to tooooo much social media at night?

Are you fed up, exhausted, short tempered and at the end of your tether with your child’s poor sleeping habits?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many parents have the same concerns, and in this three-part audio mp3 set, I will give you the tools, tips and techniques you need to get children to sleep properly… whether they are new-born babies or teenagers.

Click =>  here to download my advice on my Sleep Made Easy – a three-part MP3 now and let’s sort this out once and for all!

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