Do I have to count to three?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


Do I have to count to three?

What you are really saying is —> I don’t expect you to obey me all the time, and do as you’re told –  just when I get angry enough to count. Oh, and feel free to come when I get to three instead of when I ask.

Does that sound like you?

Don’t panic – I’m not here to point a finger just offer you a helping hand !

My job is to help you.

It’s only a question of your confidence, expectations, body language and tone of voice !

So I simply help you develop your confidence to make sure your messages are clear, confident and assertive –  that will make your life sooooo much easier in the long run.

It’s only firm, fair and consistent  discipline that makes family life more fun again.

So you can say goodbye to counting forever  – how would that feel?

Call me on 01883 818329 and let’s chat it through.


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