You’ve heard of Tiger Mums, Helicopter Dads but have you heard of Snowplough Parents?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


So now there’s a new generation of ‘pushy parenting’ called ‘Snowplough’ parenting where parents micromanage their children’s lives to shoehorn them into elite universities.

This of course leads to kids being overly dependent on their parents and left battling depression, failure and break down.

A leading education expert says that aggressive parenting makes children “anxious, dependent, narcissistic and careerist”. “The children are terrified of failure,” says David McCullough, a teacher of 30 years and author of a new book on the subject.

“From birth they are strapped into the car seat and protected, driven and aimed in one direction.” McCullough says that parents who cram their youngsters’ days with tutors, music lessons and sports practice, and even do their homework, are not helping their offspring to have fulfilling careers or prosperous futures.

Instead “snowplough parenting” — clearing the way for children to follow — turns them into “achievement machines”.

“They are compliant; they have given up self-determination and a willingness to explore their own interests,” he says


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