The Most Important 45 Minutes Of The Day

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


When I work with parents I ask them to become aware of the last 45 minutes of their day because what we read, see, listen to, talk about and experience during those last few minutes before you fall asleep impacts on your sleep and your attitude to begin your next day. Your unconscious replays and processes your late night input up to 6x more than anything else you may have experienced during the day.

That’s why cramming for exams does actually work in the same way that watching a scary film will give you nightmares.

It’s also why reading bedtime stories to children is so important too, as it not only helps them to fall asleep, but it will nurture repeated positive messages, lessons and morals of the story that will weave their way into your child’s consciousness.

If you turn on Sky News and fall asleep to images of war, crime, murder and car accidents your unconscious will be imprinting that the world isn’t a safe place.

I get the parents I work with to ask themselves a few simple questions:

1. Where could I have been more effective today?
2. Where could I have been a better ……. colleague , parent, manager or friend today?
3. Where could I have been more loving today?
4. Where could I have been more patient today?
5. Where could I have been more assertive today?
6. What did I learn about myself today ?

Just observe what comes up for you around these questions free from finger pointing and judgement – it’s about learning from the day not beating yourself up!

In a very short time you will have created a more empowered positive mindset and will learn to see that we are all a work in progress.

Focus on what you get right with your kids and you will enjoy your life more.

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Sweet Dreams

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