Child of seven may be ‘expelled from primary school for copying Uruguayan striker’ Luis Suarez

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I was speaking on BBC Radio today about why children bite and the copy cat case of a 7 year old who bit another child during a football match.

Of course children copy famous footballers and look up to them – whether they are worthy of such adulation is a matter of opinion but that’s why it’s important to “Talk & Teach” your children about your values and expectations and to give them strong, positive role models to look up to.

Here is the article we were discussing today.

“A child of seven faces being expelled from primary school for copying Luis Suarez’s World Cup bite attack, it was reported last night (FRIDAY).

Liverpool fan Harvey Eaglen apparently got in trouble in Lowestoft, Suffolk, after seeing the Uruguay striker try to take a chunk out of Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.

The bite-sized youngster is said to have sunk his teeth into a classmate’s wrist as they played football in the playground.

Harvey told teachers it was “what footballers do”.

He was banned from the pitch and had his breaktimes cancelled for the rest of the day at Poplars Community School

Harvey is on his final warning, meaning he will be expelled if he gets in trouble again.

FIFA has banned Suarez, 27, from all forms of football for four months and suspended him for nine international games over the incident. Follow us: @DailyMirror on Twitter | DailyMirror on Facebook

Here is my article on Vampires At The Nursery giving you practical advice about what to do if your younger child bites.

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