This is the new man in my life after my divorce.

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Today I woke up to a flat battery in my little red Mini as I had accidentally left the car door open a little over night so I jumped in my daughter’s old banger – a Peugeot 206 and headed to work in Caterham.

On my way home I bought a pair of jump leads and pondered how I was going to sort out my Mini as the boot door wouldn’t open, where the battery lives, as the car had no power whatsoever, and then I had to work out how to open the bonnet on a Peugeot 206 as it’s a French car to attach the jump start leads. (Thank God for Google is all I can say!)

So let me introduce you to the new man in my life – he taught me how to jump start a Mini on YouTube and I did it all by myself thanks to him! I feel elated, empowered and over the moon……. Then I drove the car around the block to build up the charge on it making sure tomorrow it would start first time.

Then I decided to buy a new hubcap for my daughter’s Peugeot on ebay and a new driver’s seat as it’s been broken awhile now and without a man around I decided to do that myself as well.

From the emotional roller coaster of surviving while learning to thrive through a divorce, to coping with empty nest syndrome, moving house and learning to sort out flat batteries to a Excel Spreadsheets the learning keeps on and will probably never stop.

You, like me, have probably found the challenges insurmountable at 3am in the morning but as I continue to exercise my competence my confidence grows.

Of course I don’t like the unexpected turn my life took a couple of years ago, as it’s so full of uncertainty but I ALWAYS have a choice in how I handle the challenges and changes and today is one small personal victory.

If you’d like to work with me creating your more compelling and competent future I do a technique called a One Page Profile which is all about learning to move from “Surviving To Thriving” through the Crazy Time of Divorce, but maybe I should offer car mechanic workshops instead  ( just joking!!!)

Click here => Divorce is a process NOT an event – my technique to make the transition easier.



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