The media meltdown of “One Direction.”

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

one direction

I was interviewed today on BBC Radio about the alleged drug taking video by “One Direction” and what parents should do now as their child’s heroes seem to be in a spot of bother.

I was saddened by the revelations this week as they are a fun loving, lively, young group of men who have succumbed to their own hype and invincibility. The trouble in passing round a cannabis joint and taking your own phone video while hoping nobody is going to find out is just plain stupid.

The media and paparazzi are EVERYWHERE.

Kids today are the 24/7 connected generation and that’s the problem – everyone is living their lives out on Facebook, Instagram or on Twitter. To share is to be……. yet there are some things best kept private.

Of course now the British media will have a field day finding  inappropriate photos that Harry has posed for,  the alleged use of  the derogatory “N” word or the gay slur.

It’s a PR meltdown but not an unusual story of fame too young.

I always used stories in the media to teach my own kids my values when they were young  – so I suggest that parents “Talk & Teach” their own children about drugs, racist language and gay prejudice so something positive comes from such revelations.

“One Direction faced mounting pressure to apologise yesterday as it emerged they had inspired young fans to experiment with drugs.”

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