Surviving Divorce? Going a little crazy? Try making a playlist!

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Surviving Divorce? Going a little crazy? Try making a playlist!

I found during the initial shock, fear, anger and frustration of going through the emotional, financial, physical and rainbow of extreme emotions of handling divorce, music helped me enormously.

So one tip I give the parents I work with going through divorce is to make a playlist that helps you express your emotions.

You may find you change it from time to time as you work through your anger to empowerment.

Here’s a few of mine – it started off with Gloria Gaynor – “I will Survive”

Then it went to Haddaway – “Life will never be the same”

Katy Perry – “Roar”

Pharrell Williams – “Happy”


Divorce – One Page Profile Family Workshop

When families break-up it is never an easy time and all the changes are very unsettling and upsetting for everyone. Let me help you work through this.

I am passionate about helping you transform your family life. My workshop will empower you with practical techniques, simple strategies and straightforward skills that you can learn quickly to take home and use immediately throughout your child-rearing years.

I also coach you to help you find your own answers for your own unique family.

I help you feel back in the driving seat of your family relationships and I also show you how to help your children be more confident and cooperative.

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