Family life is under growing strain as parents have to put work before their children, a survey of teachers finds.

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How do you manage your childcare?

Do you sit down for a family meal most days or are you manic and dazed with all the rushing around you have to do?

A new survey out by teachers warns that days of up to 10 hours in school or childcare result in children who do not talk to anyone, fall asleep and lag behind their peers !

A primary school teacher in Bexley said: “I feel that, through no fault of the parents, there is an expectation to work before looking after your own family.

“Living costs mean it is unaffordable for only one parent to work, and there is less importance attached to bringing up children, with a detrimental effect on children and family life, with more use of technology and less time spent together.”

A teacher at an independent school in Cambridgeshire said: “Many students travel for one to two hours to get to school.

“Most students have a full extra-curricular programme – music, dance, clubs – and then they’re expected to do up to three hours of homework a night.

“They are exhausted a couple of weeks into term.”

A head of department at an independent secondary in Wales said: “I think we start formal education and learning far too early in this country. By the time children reach secondary school, they are fed up with learning. The pressure is too much, too soon.”

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