Tonight my friend is on Dragon’s Den.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins



I’m getting excited as my great pal Erika Brodnock is appearing on Dragon’s Den tonight on BBC 2 at 9 o’clock with her really wonderful Karisma Kidz.

As a former Deputy Head teacher and Head of PSHE I am passionate about helping parents raise happy, confident, positive children and Karisma Kidz is a lovely way to help develop their creativity, confidence and sense of well being.

I am so proud of Erika who is a single Mum of 5 wonderful children – she started Karisma Kidz as a simple idea and she has worked tirelessly to create a complete concept around helping children grow up with strong self esteem. She believes …..

There’s more to your child’s intelligence than English, Maths and Languages…

Karisma Kidz is a fantasy world that helps your child enhance their Emotional Intelligence through engaging play and educational activities.

Go and download her app, explore Moodville, buy a wonderful doll that you can load positive messages on for your child to listen to at any time,  and most of all have fun nurturing your child’s self esteem, creativity and confidence TOGETHER through talking, listening, cooking, playing and eating together.

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