So, would you let YOUR 16-year-old marry the barman she met on holiday?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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I remember having a whirlwind, exciting holiday romance with a Greek policeman I met on holiday in Paros when I was 19 and at University. It was wonderful set against the shimmering azure Aegean sea as we flew along on his motorbike with the wind ruffling my hair and the warm sun resting on my back. It felt special, I felt carefree but it was just that – a holiday romance. It was free from the realities of life – the essays, the washing and buying cat food!

But how do you cope when your 16 year old beautiful daughter, who has been bullied on a number occasions in different schools, suddenly announces that she’s in love and has developed  a crush on the handsome barman at the hotel in Turkey where she stayed with her parents and sister last August ?

Do you support her, talk to her, dissuade her or ban her from seeing him or do you let it run it’s course ?

Personally I’d keep talking to her, pointing out that there’s really no need to rush into things at 16 and make her save up for her own next holiday over there and to “wait & see” how things develop as we all know how it feels to feel the first flourishes of love at 16.

A child who has been bullied will be flattered by the attention of course, who isn’t flattered by the charming waiters we all meet on holiday, who make us feel special, but I think a healthy dose of common sense should prevail here with Mum & Dad slowing things down don’t you?

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