Congratulations Simon Cowell but how do the rich & famous keep their kids grounded?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Simon Cowell with his new son Eric


Congratulations to Simon Cowell on the birth of the very lovely baby Eric.

I’m on holiday at the moment in Malta reading a ‘ chick lit’ called ‘Gifted & Talented’ by Wendy Holden that is set in an imaginary University called Branston where an ‘It Girl’ called Amber Piggott, darling of the gossip columns due to her parents’ wealth, has just started University and it got me pondering just how the rich & famous keep their children on the straight and narrow – not spoilt or over indulged and how they keep them motivated, grounded and with a sense of purpose for their own lives despite never having to work a day in their lives.

Paul McCartney managed it – I wonder how Angelina & Brad will or the Beckhams?

I know that I’d love to ask some great questions to help these celebrities find their own answers, as I think it’s important to plan for that eventual time when enormously rich children have to find their own destiny – free for the successes of their own parents.

What are your thoughts?

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