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I was recently asked what NLP stands for as I am Master Practitioner and Trainer.

NLP is described as the study of human excellence and demonstrates how to communicate effectively and influence others.

It was developed in the1970s by a group of psychologists who were studying successful people in order to analyse successful behaviour. Since then NLP has been developed further and examines thought processes, language patterns and human behaviour.

NLP helps us to understand the connection between our human behaviour, our emotions, and the actions we take. Basically, it helps us to improve the effectiveness and impact of our communication.

NLP can help you to understand how you think and help you to understand how other people think, feel and react and can be simply explained really:

Everyday you interact with people, family, kids and people you work with, and you communicate a message, this can be through what you say, how you say it, how you react, your facial expression and your body language.

These interactions influence how you think, how you feel and how you yourself react to that person. Neuro-linguistic-programming, or NLP for short, is about making the most out of these experiences.
I am trained by Dr Richard Bandler, the co – founder of NLP to really develop, fine tune and hone your skills of communication and in particular to help you develop the tools and techniques to: communicate more clearly, confidently and effectively with your kids, to help you develop more positive relationships, to enjoy a more balanced home / work lifestyle, and to enhance your ability to change your negative ways of reacting to more positive ones and to make life with your children more harmonious, lots more fun and a place where you all build happy memories that last a lifetime.

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