But, Mum, everyone at school has a mobile phone. Literally everyone. Except for me

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I have recently been creating a One Page Profile with a lovely 10 year old who is nagging and nagging and nagging her parents for a mobile phone !

I don’t know what you think but I was recently on Sky News discussing 5 year olds who have their own mobile phones !

Now I love my mobile phone &  I love my social media – as a huge twitter fan, but come on do kids as young as 5 really need their own mobile and do kids really need a mobile before they start Secondary School where they begin travelling alone, staying to more school clubs and go out more independently with their friends?

So I read with interest in today’s Sunday Times about when Clover Stroud let her 12-year-old have a mobile, as his character changed for the worse in front of her eyes and how he reacted when it went missing.

Why is it then that 73% of British 10 year olds own a mobile phone compared with 31% in the US  & 10% in France http://t.co/V2VNYucmjn ?

I am working more and more with parents keen to put in some sort of boundaries and rules around this whole technology issue – and I have nick – named it the “Screenager Problem”

So how do you handle this really common problem?



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