As Kate & Will choose George’s Godparents – what really IS their role these days?

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I was asked to discuss on BBC Radio London this morning the fact that  Kate Middleton  and Prince William have chosen to shun royal tradition and have instead decided to choose close school and university friends to be Prince George’s godparents. The couple are said to be planning to ask friends out of the public eye to give their son a sense of normality as he grows up.

It got me pondering my role, as I have recently been asked to be a Godmother to my friend’s beautiful baby Alice.

It strikes me that the role of godparents has become  a little muddy in recent generations as the spiritual side to religion has changed.

In the past Godparents had to be a person of deep faith, prayer and spirituality and to make a solemn commitment to help raise the child in their parents’ chosen faith.

I wonder if that has changed?

What did you look for in desirable qualities for your child’s godparents ?

Did they live up to those expectations or exceed them?

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