Today’s children would rather be doctors than footballers or celebrities when they grow up

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More boys than girls dream of becoming dancers - and girls put footballer ahead of dancer in their list of top five jobs, according to research carried out by Mothercare

1,000 children between ages of two and 12 were asked what they want to be when they grow up

Surprisingly, more boys than girls dream of becoming dancers with girls preferring football.

The future health of the nation is in safe hands, as a new survey has revealed most children dream of becoming doctors when they grow up.

It was chosen as the best job by 1,000 boys and girls aged between two and 12, ahead of teacher, actor and scientist.

Nurse, firefighter and musician also made the list of top ten jobs chosen by youngsters, in research conducted by Mothercare.

Surprisingly, more boys than girls dream of becoming dancers – while girls put footballer ahead of dancer in their  list of favourites.

When asked what was the most important  part of a job, the majority of children (34 per cent) said that ‘having fun’ and ‘helping others’ was more important than being rich or famous.

Only 1 per cent wanted to be a celebrity or reality TV star, but 2 per cent most wanted to become actors.

Eight per cent of boys said that they would most like to become dancers, perhaps taking inspiration from televised dance competitions such as Strictly Come Dancing and Got To Dance.

Girls seem to be swapping ballet shoes for football boots, with 2 per cent more listing footballer as their dream job.

Lawyer, which was a popular choice for children in the past, did not appear on any of the lists.

The survey marks the launch of Mothercare’s ‘Born To’ range for Save the Children.

For every item in the ‘Born To’ range sold, Mothercare will donate £1 to the charity, Save the Children.

 Jude Bridge, Mothercare’s brand and marketing director, said: ‘At Mothercare we think every child deserves to achieve their dreams and grow up healthy, happy and safe but unfortunately, not all children get the opportunity to do what they were born to do.
‘We want to celebrate the potential of every child, and promote the positive message that every child is born to fulfill their potential.’

Douglas Rouse, corporate partnerships director at Save the Children, said: ‘Mothercare and Save the Children are committed to giving children the best chances in life.

‘For this reason, we launched Born to Care, our global charity partnership. Together we aim to raise £1.75 million to help ensure that no child is born to die.

‘More than £1.2 million has been raised by Mothercare staff and customers in the last two years and we hope the fantastic new ‘Born To’ collection will help us reach our target and continue to support children in the UK and around the world.’


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