The Sue Atkins Story To Ponder – Forgiving the Unforgivable

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I always enjoy receiving my regular email from Karen Salmansohn,  a best selling author with over 1 million books sold – who is known for creating a new breed of books – “self help for people who would never be caught dead reading self help.” I enjoy the way she merges empowering psychology/philosophy tips with edgy humour and stylish graphics.

I usually write a Wednesday Story To Ponder – but here it is on a Saturday instead ….. just to confuse you!

“A wise woman and her young disciple were walking down the street. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an angry man in a carriage drove haphazardly by the two, insensitively pushing the woman out of his way. She landed in a ditch filled with muddy water.

The woman yelled after the man in the carriage, “May you have everything you want!”

The disciple, surprised by the wise woman’s response, said: “I’m confused. Why did you say that to a man with such horrible behaviour?”

The woman replied, “Because a happy man wouldn’t have thoughtlessly pushed a woman into a ditch.”

What do you think of this woman’s response?

In Karen’s book The Bounce Back Book,  she offers many tips for embracing forgiveness and liberating yourself from anger and bitterness—even in the most challenging situations.

You can Click here to get 4 empowering strategies to start today – so you can free yourself from resentments – starting today!



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