Story of Mum – The Importance of Being A Mother

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Story of Mum is an interactive journey – a chance for mums to be creative, to share their stories, to explore what it means to be a Mum, a woman, or a grandmother and to express what has influenced us, shaped us and sustained us as Mums.

Story of Mum is a Community with supportive brave mamas doing uplifting thought-provoking downright silly stuff together to celebrate the ups & downs of motherhood.

They  want to share your stories – the words, the pictures, the sounds, your heart. The good stuff and the bad, happy and sad.

Here is  the video of my lovely friend Hayley Goleniowska who wrote today in her blog:

“Last night I met a wonderful group of women for an uplifting evening that fed my soul, as we shared our stories, hopes, fears, dreams, guilt’s, sadness’s and envies, and remembered who we were at the core of our beings. Yes, there were tears. But there were giggles and smiles in buckets too.

We completed the phrase ‘I am a mother and a…‘  banners and took part in wonderful poetry workshops and other craft activities, then listened to our versions of what we all had in common – motherhood.
I made a little film for the exhibition. In 10 photos and just 20 seconds of monologue each (or thereabouts) I told my Story of Mum.
Hayley of Downs Side Up shares her mothering journey – through miscarriages to life with two daughters, one of whom has Downs’ Syndrome, and her passion for her work as an activist, blogger and mother. For Story of Mum: Mums Making an Exhibition of Ourselves for
story of mum 2


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