Should your kids pick up their values from their teacher?

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As a former Deputy Head and Head of PSHE ( Personal, Social , Health Education) I was invited to speak on BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey about a new study that recommends that schools must teach children character and values.

More than eight out of ten parents believe schools should teach children character and values alongside academic study.

A Populus poll of 1,001 parents, carried out for The Jubilee Centre for Character and Values, based in the University of Birmingham, found overwhelming public support for schools delivering character education.

The first place I start with the parents I work with in my family workshops is to find out their core values so that they have clarity, direction and confidence in the bigger picture to their parenting.

Kids learn so much for you – they learn, respect, tolerance, resilience, tenacity, a work ethic, having another go, bending not breaking through adversity, kindness, empathy, doing the right thing, honesty, fairness, courage to say “No” and the ability to do the right thing in important moments.

In my experience schools teach similar values all the time – where you can get conflict is where a parent says for example “If he does that to you again – hit him” and a school teaches “If he does that again – walk away, speak up for yourself and tell a teacher.”

So what are your values – your family ethos, your philosophy and the messages you want to teach your kids?

Do your kids learn their values from East Enders, Geordie Shore, Glee, or from you?

Grab a piece of paper and jot down all the key values you want to pass on to your kids …..

Read the report here from The Jubilee Centre

Here’s an article I wrote

Heroes, Role Models and David Beckham – being a super hero to your kids.


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