Is it ever OK to miss your child’s birthday?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


As controversial and outspoken as always, Katie Hopkins’ latest outburst has hit a nerve with mothers as she claims work takes priority over her three children’s birthdays. Joining Katie for today’s big debate, ‘Is it OK to miss your child’s birthday?’, is outraged writer and mother-of-four Shona Sibary, who believes birthdays are a sacred day and thinks Katie’s behaviour is appalling.

This came from a really rather boring survey from a really boring group of people called Netmums

– Katie Hopkins defends her name debate comments

In the aftermath of our name debate, otherwise known as Tyler-gate, we asked Katie Hopkins to reflect on the discussion which had everyone – and we mean everyone – talking.

So has Katie changed her stance since her infamous outbursts? Will she ever allow a Chardonnay to play with her children? Watch the video below to find out.

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