So do you think kids lack the grit to get work ?

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Young people are failing to find work because they lack ‘grit’, a minister has warned.

Nick Hurd insisted that ‘social skills and discipline’ are every bit as essential for success as qualifications – yet they are not being taught in schools.

The minister for civil society also said he was struck by the ‘crushingly low’ self-confidence of many youngsters and the effect this has on their employment prospects.

I am passionate about helping young people have long term inner confidence and self belief as I believe these qualities are essential for  anyone to succeed in life,  and fulfil their true potential and find happiness  –  as people with strong self  esteem and inner confidence are able to have a go at things, try new  things, make mistakes and take risks.

They also show initiative , speak up and feel  confident enough to ask questions .

I wrote my ‘ Living The Dream’ MP3 as an addition to my Confidence Classes for Kids Workshops especially for. teenagers s & young people.

I believe s confidence can be taught not only caught from parents, teachers and people of influence around a young person.

What do you think of Nick Hurd’s remarks and how do YOU teach your kids to have deep inner confidence and self esteem?

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