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Emma Murphy has been working non stop to raise awareness and to get support for parents who discover that they have a child affected by Epilim.

Here is her latest blog

‘For the last 4/5 months have been collaborating with BBC Panorama about the topic of our campaign Epilim (Sodium Valproate). After months of anticipation and knowing it would definately be featured prime time on National TV it was finally aired on Monday 1stJuly .

If you havent watched it click on the link :http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b036fddg

Based on the figures from our medical team and also working with the Thalidomide Campaign Team approximately 20,000 babies in Britain have been affected by Epilim.  Our aim of the programme was to appeal to ladies who since 1973,  was to come forward and get in touch with us, as our aim is to seek compensation from Sanofi (hence why we are working with Nick,Guy and Mikey from Thalidomide Team) but to also prove that it isnt the mothers fault as to why her children now have lifelong disabilities.  That is the fault of Sanofi as in 1973 they KNEW it was tetrogenic to animals and humans…….yet it was allowed to be licenced.

Myself and Janet knew it would make a huge impact.  How many ladies are on Epilim for depression, migraine, epilepsy, bipolar, pain relief ???? Thousands

Its now Wednesday evening and the response has been amazing.  We have been inundated.  Hearing from parents who have took that brave step in getting in touch with us, has been so emotional and upsetting. Hearing devastating stories on how they were never warned, ignored, brushed aside and are now left blaming themselves.  Both Janet and I are parents (Janet with 2 affected boys and myself with 5 affected) and we know how this feels.  Knowing you trusted your GP, been prescribed the medication and taken it as instructed but to find out it has affected the closest thing to you…..your child/children.  It proves that the New Thalidomide Tragedy of Epilim is not rare and is very much in the public domain.’

To get support and find out more go to  http://facsa.org.uk/

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