What’s Katie Price, Russell Kane, Michael Gove & Anthony Seldon all got in common?

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What’s Katie Price, Russell Kane, Michael Gove & Anthony Seldon all got in common –  and no it’s not a pink horsebox the size of a county 🙂

It’s the very wonderfully eclectic Sunday Times Festival of Education !

It was an awe inspiring venue as I parked up my little red mini and pondered the magnificence and privilege of Wellington College in the early evening June sunset.  I felt honoured & fascinated to be dining with some of the finest thinkers in education free from politics, rhetoric and controversy. A wonderful eclectic meeting of experts, headmasters, teachers and mindsets from a wide tapestry of life.

I heard how Katie Price had rocked up in her huge pink horsebox and changed stereotypical thinking and prejudice as the truly inspiring Anthony Seldon, Master of Wellington College, which hosts the annual Sunday Times Festival of Education, said: “prejudice and typecasting are things education is designed to destroy. Everyone knows of Katie Price so the fact that my students could see that this iconic figure was thoughtful, sensitive, courageous and articulate opened them up to breaking down stereotypes.”

The enormously impressive Russell Kane ( an English writer, comedian, and actor ) who inspired and motivated a whole host of teachers, educators and parents with his true story of escaping the white working class trap of low expectation and mediocrity through self motivation and a desire to do better and to change his life at 18 himself. No victim mentality, finger of blame or enormous chip on his shoulder, just an eager desire to explore his own enormous potential and to do better. He got a 1st Class Degree and was the first person in his family to go to University.

He challenged the education system to  think about having much shorter holidays so kids from rather negative destructive backgrounds could soak themselves in more positive, optimistic and goal focused opportunities  like oranges soaked in Grand Marnier absorbing the mindset of success. It reminded me of my mentor Tony Robbins, the peak performance coach who said, “Proximity is power” They have a point.

I met some wonderful people from Melody Hossaini Founder & CEO of InspireEngage http://inspirengage.com/ an Award Winning Social Entrepreneur, & BBC The Apprentice 2011 contestant to Ketan Makwana Employment and Enterprise Catalyst & Mentor with ambitions to bridge the gap between Education, Employment and Enterprise all outstanding enthusiasts for inspiring future generations http://enterpriselab.co.uk/ and I  heard some fascinating talks on a wide variety of subjects but the overall feeling of the Festival was the bringing together of everyone interested in the education of the next generation to share and collaborate ideas, best practice and opportunities ensuring  all children get the best education they can regardless of their  ethnic background or financial circumstances.

I left feeling inspired, hopeful and delighted that my presentation on One Page Profiles could contribute in some small way to the confidence and self esteem of the children and families I work with in making the world a happier place.

Read my interview in The Sunday Times http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/public/festival_of_education/article1264415.ece

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