Nigella Lawson: from domestic goddess to the face of domestic violence?

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When Rhianna was badly beaten up by her boyfriend Chris Brown I took the opportunity to talk with my daughter about domestic violence.

Having fame, money and status doesn’t seem to lessen the probability that 25% of women suffer domestic violence of some sort.

I was greatly saddened to see the photos of Nigella Lawson in the papers today with her husband’s hands around her neck and distress in her eyes.

If this is going on in public – I just wonder what is going on at home and what their children experience.

The photographs of Charles Saatchi grabbing his wife by the throat are so shocking because they remind us that Nigella’s life isn’t as picture-perfect as it looks on screen – life rarely is as perfect as it looks to others on the outside and of course the image of a Domestic Goddess sells lots of books.

As The Guardian pointed out domestic abuse is not solely “the grubby problem of the inarticulate and poorly educated.”

I am passionate about my  Beat Bullying – Confidence Classes for Kids as I believe I do my small part in helping children to grow up confident, self assured adults free from the crippling effects of low self esteem.

I truly believe that self confidence, self esteem and happiness are essential qualities that children and young people need in order to become confident well-balanced, self assured adults and they have a right to be protected from all forms of harm, abuse, violence and bullying.

Bullying is harmful as it can lead to self doubt, lack of confidence, low self esteem, depression, anxiety,  and in some cases to self harm, binge drinking and drug taking.

My Beat Bullying – Confidence Classes for Kids  are all about helping children feel more confident, more assertive and more relaxed in all areas of their lives knowing that they have some tried and tested strategies, simple practical techniques and a highly effective set of tools empowering them to make some small changes easily and effortlessly that will make a complete difference to their lives.

I think my  Beat Bullying – Confidence Classes for Kids are the quickest and easiest way for kids to discover how to be more confident at school, at home and in life generally. They are designed to help children explore the secrets to being more confident, relaxed and positive enabling them to fulfil their true emotional and academic potential.

My next workshop is on 7th September just before the kids go into their new class, start their new school or embark on their exciting new adventure into Secondary School. They are all about empowering children with the skills, techniques and the positive mindset they will need  to have long lasting deep self esteem as they enter a busy, frenetic, often unkind world. They are great fun, with lots of laughter, music & lots of naughty treats! 🙂


You can contact the National Domestic Violence Helpline online or on 0808 2000 247



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