Why ‘Sleep Workshops’ really do get kids into bed!

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For many parents bedtime can be a daily battle, with children finding any excuse not to go to sleep.

Today on the excellent “Sleep Workshop” in Bournemouth I heard stories of kids of 10 still creeping into their parents’ bed in the middle of the night, thrashing about, hogging all the duvet and giving their parents restless and stressful disturbed nights. I also heard of the usual messing about looking for drinks, a hug or their teddy  – instead of going straight up to bed, to say nothing of teenagers being constantly connected on social media late into the night on their mobile phones when their parents thought they were asleep !

These stories cause real problems for the whole family.

This also leads to children being so tired they struggle to pay attention in class and it affects their ability to learn as well as their grades in school.

Today I had the great privilege of being invited along to Dr Andrew Mayers wonderful “Sleep Workshop” in Winton Primary School in Bournemouth.

Winton Primary was so worried about the problem of kids being too tired to learn that they set up some ‘sleep workshops’ to help parents get some real support and help free from finger pointing or judgement.

Andy and I are now looking at ways we can combine our expertise – using the “One Page Profile Technique”, my “Easy” Button Technique as well as my “Pause Button” Technique and my “One Point” Technique so if you’d like to explore approaching your school to run a 4 hour workshop that will transform your family’s relationships, patience and sense of humour to say nothing of your child’s self esteem, confidence and ability to learn at school call me on 01342 833355 or drop me an email on [email protected] to get started.

Watch the BBC Video here

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